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In a recent video leak, a galaxy s22 ultra design s pen holster is displayed

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 The Boxy Design of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the S Pen Holster Are Shown in This Small Video Showcase, and the Galaxy S22 Is Also Revealed

Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked 2022 event is set to take place tomorrow, and it was expected that some leaks would arrive before the event to unveil the design of the new models. Both the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the smaller Galaxy S22 stand for the camera, demonstrating how distinct these two devices are.

The regular Galaxy S22 appears to have flatter edges than its predecessor, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra appears to be a carbon copy of the Galaxy Note.

We've seen that Samsung is being pretty aggressive on Twitter, going after anybody and everyone who has released leaks about the Galaxy S22 series. This hasn't stopped Demonix from displaying the Galaxy S22 Ultra and normal Galaxy S22. The Galaxy S22 looks to have flatter edges than its direct predecessor, the Galaxy S21, in the basic model.

Aside from that, Samsung looks to have maintained the design of last year's model, with curved edges on all four corners and the same back triple camera array accentuated in a new paint job. It almost appears as if Samsung wants to spend the least amount of work into creating the Galaxy S22 while putting the majority of its attention on the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which has a design reminiscent of the Galaxy Note in the video clip below.

The S Pen may be removed from the Galaxy S22 Ultra's slot at the bottom and operates normally. The video leak does not include any specifications or the latency of the S Pen, but it appears that the pen was extremely responsive while the person in the video was writing the word 'Galaxy' on the display. We'll have to wait and see how future consumers rate the experience, but from this vantage point, it appears to be near-perfect.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra also appears to have a plethora of cameras, with prior claims stating that the flagship will have four sensors on the rear, as well as a laser focusing mechanism. We don't want to downplay the design of the Galaxy S22, but the Galaxy S22 Ultra has piqued our interest, and Samsung intends to profit on this new style with a high speculated price tag.

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