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 Assisting You in Regaining Your Freedom BAIL OUT BONDS

Finding a friend or loved one in jail unexpectedly may be a frightening experience. It's much more terrifying when you're the one behind bars. Fortunately, if you or a loved one find oneself in this situation, there are ways to get out of jail quickly. At Bail Boys Bail Bonds, we understand the anxiety and stress you are feeling. We also recognise that being at home allows you to better collaborate with your defence team and prepare for your forthcoming court appearance. That is why we strive tirelessly to get you home as quickly as possible.

A person's bond might be highly expensive depending on the conditions. If you are concerned about the cost, please contact our team of expert bail bondsmen. We have a variety of payment options and will work with you to find the one that best fits your needs. To better serve you, we have locations across Southern California and are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, no matter what time of day it is, you can count on the Bail Boys to assist you and your loved ones.


We at Bail Boys understand the anger and worry that comes with being arrested. This is why we go out of our way to make sure that everyone who contacts our office is handled with dignity and respect. Our objective is to reduce your stress, not to increase it. When you call our office, we will take the time to speak with you and go over the procedures that must be followed to ensure that you fully comprehend the process. We are also happy to collaborate with you to ensure that the bail bonds charge fits within your budget.

We realise how critical it is for your loved one to return home as soon as possible. Once we have all of the necessary information and have determined the appropriate payment option for you, we will work promptly to ensure that your loved one may be at home with you that same day.

The Bail Bonds Procedure

Typically, you will only have to wait a few hours for a judge to establish bail. A person's bail in California can be set at any time of day or night, and on any day of the week. If you are seeking to bail a loved one out of jail, you must first wait for the booking procedure and bond hearing to take place before attempting to bail them out.

Once they've been booked into jail, you may generally phone the jail or go to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's website to find out about their inmate status, including their bond amount.

When you've determined how much the person's bail has been set at, come see us at any of our Los Angeles County or Ventura locations. Aside from the bail amount, you will also need to know:

  • What is the person's charge?
  • Which jail the individual is in The individual's date of birth
  • The booking number of the individual
  • We can act fast to help get your loved one out of jail once we get all of the necessary information.

Payment Options for Bail Bonds

We, like the majority of other bail bondsmen in California, adhere to California State Law, which specifies that we will never charge you more than 10% of your bail amount. Unlike most other bail bonds businesses, we recognise that even a 10% fee might be too expensive for certain people, which is why we provide a variety of payment methods to accommodate a broad range of budgets.

  • The 2% Bail Bond option allows you to pay down only 2% up front as long as you have a co-signer or OAC. You may pay the remaining 8% price later and bring your loved one home much sooner.
  • If the person has been arrested for the first time, 1 percent Bail Bonds is an excellent alternative. This allows you to pay a little charge up front and the remainder afterwards.
  • Few Los Angeles Bail Bondsmen are ready to offer 0% Bail Bonds with a collateral option. However, we recognise that arrests might occur unexpectedly when you are unprepared. Even if you don't have cash on hand at the time, you may still get your loved one out of jail and pay the cost later in the week.

We will do everything we can to assist you and your loved one at this terrible time. This is why we provide payment plans for all of our bail bonds services. Simply speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members to determine which payment method is best for you.